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Set up a monument Bylgakov

Museum "Bylgakov house", Andijvkij yzviz,13

Near museum "Bylgakov house" was opened monument Bylgakov, famous world's author. The museum "Bylgakov house" has different mysterious things which will amazed your imagination and you will sink into atmosphere of "Master and Margarita".

Dance musical "PA", Concert-hall FreeDom

October 18, 2007/ Concert-hall FreeDom

"PA" is a mix of dance, music, effect dresses, unexpected decoration and laser show. It is a first show where you are able to see stars of classic and modern dance. Its show where you can relax and get pleasure looking on play of professional actors.

Alex Syholit, The Exhibition dedicated to 25 year of creation work

Till October 07, 2007/ Ukraine national art gallery

The Exhibition of famous Ukrainian sculptor which dedicated to 25 year of his creation work There will be presented more that one hundred compositions which were made during 25 years.

The Exhibition of President's rarities in Kyiv (Kiev)

January 10-15, 2006 / Ukrayinsky Dim (Ukrainian House), Kyiv (Kiev)

It is common knowledge for Kyivites that The President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko has a big collection of Ukrainian antiques. This collection Viktor Yuschenko had collected many years. The some displays of President`s collection will exhibit in Ukrayinsky Dim (Ukrainian House) in Kyiv (Kiev). The exhibition will named "Rizdvo" ("Christmas"). Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a possible to get acquainted with rarities which tell about the history of Ukraine.

Virtuosos of guitar will gather in Kyiv (Kiev).

December 16 - 18, 2005 / Concert Hall of National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

The second festival of guitar music "Kyiv (Kiev) - 2005" will pass in Kyiv (Kiev). The event will take place in Concert Hall of National Philharmonic of Ukraine, in Kyiv (Kiev). Famous Europe and American musicians will welcome to Kyiv (Kiev) to demonstrate their technique of guitar playing. Final event of Fest "Kyiv (Kiev) - 2005" will be performance of guitarist accompanied by symphony orchestra of National Philharmonic of Ukraine.
The concerts will starts at 19.00.

De Phazz in Kyiv (Kiev)

December 18, 2005 / Kyiv (Kiev) International Center of Culture and Arts, Kyiv (Kiev)

Again Kyiv (Kiev) will be visited by famous German group De Phazz. Musicians will present in Kyiv (Kiev) new program Natural Fake. Kyiv (Kiev) music community rates highly the works of De Phazz. On December 18 kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will hear all songs of new album, especially Depression Royale, Love Is Natural, Who the Pop Cares, Close To Jazz Garbo Goodbye.

Cinema Opening Day of Bogdan Stupka will start in Kyiv (Kiev)

December 16-20, 2005 / Cinema "Zhovten", Kyiv (Kiev)

Famous Ukrainian actor Bogdan Stupka will organize action "Cinema Opening Day. Bogdan Stupka invites friends". This action will pass in the oldest Kyiv (Kiev) Cinema "" ("Zhovten"). Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a chance to see the famous pictures of Mykyta Myhalkov, Stanislav Govoruhyn, Kyra Muratova, Yuriy Ilyenkov.

Exhibition of Francisko de Goya etchings will open in Kyiv (Kiev).

November 22 - January 18 2005 / National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

Exhibition of Francisko de Goya etchings will open in National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kyiv (Kiev). Scandal collection of famous Spaniard Los Caprichos will bring to Kyiv (Kiev) by H. H. Katalyna. H. H. Katalyna is mayor of Fuendetodos - native town of painter. Spanish Ambassador in Ukraine promise for Kyivites the demonstration of Spanish culture in Kyiv (Kiev) will continue. Next event will be theatric performance "Don Khihot" in one of Kyiv (Kiev) Theatre.

Exhibition of Lithuanian painter and composer Churlyonis in Kyiv (Kiev).

[October 31 - November 30, 2005 / National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)]

ilus Churlyonis is a famous Lithuanian painter and composer. He was especially liked by Kyiv (Kiev) intelligentsia of last century 60-th and 80-th. His art was a sole possibility to feel another artistic world. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) can see the Churlyonis' exhibition titled "Fantastic world of symbols, light and garmony". It is in National Art Museum of Ukraine at the address: 4, Grushevskogo (near European square).

Exhibition World press photo opens in Kyiv (Kiev)

October 16 / Kyiv (Kiev)

This year Exhibition World press photo in Kyiv (Kiev) is jubilee. It has been held for 50-th time. Ukraine is presented by 19-th photographers. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) have a wonderful chance to see 70 thousand photo works. This year the best recognizing work was the one done in India. The exhibition organizers consider that World press photo is society mirror.

All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition devoted to the Day of Painter

October 05-17, 2005 / Central Painter House, Kyiv (Kiev)

The All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition is organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and devoted to the Day of Painter (October 9). More than 400 Ukrainian displays of painting, graphics, sculptures and decorate-genre painting will exhibit. All regional Ukrainian schools are brightly represented at the exhibition. This event is a real holiday of for Ukrainian painters and all culture-art community of Ukraine.

Exhibition devoted 14-th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence.

August 16-25 / Kyiv (Kiev)

Exhibition "Charm of feminity" will open in exhibition sale of Ukrainian house in Kyiv (Kiev). This exhibition is joint project of Ukrainian sculptor Ihor Hrechanyk and painter Vyctor Sydorenko. Sculptures and a pictures are connected by general devoting of 14-th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. On August 17 will pass "alive" day of art in this sale of Ukrainian house. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) have a possibility to observe of Ihor Hrechanyk working process. He will create a sculpture in reality.

"Europe film-opening day" will start in Kyiv (Kiev)

August 15, 2005 / Kyiv (Kiev)

On August 15 "Europe film-opening day" will start in Kyiv (Kiev). On the festival will be demonstration of premier films. In particular, will be display of such films, as "The bunker", "he Gevara", "Sarabanda". Film demonstration will pass in Kyiv (Kiev) cinema "Zhovten" (26, Konstyantynivska, Kyiv (Kiev).

150-th anniversary of Spanish photos will clebrated at Andriyivsky Uzviz

August, 2005 / Kyiv (Kiev)

More than hundreds photos will presented at the Andriyivsky Uzviz exhibitions in Kyiv (Kiev). These photos will tell for Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) about Spanish photo art history. The authors of present works are the greatest Spanish masters.
Andriyivsky Uzviz is one of the oldest streets in Kyiv (Kiev). Nowadays this steep and meandering street is a traditional place for art festivals and Kyiv (Kiev) holidays. Kyivites and guests of Kyiv (Kiev) like to visit Andriyivsky Uzviz because there are many interesting picture galleries and Ukrainian souvenir stores.

Sofiyska Art Gallery (25B Sofiyska)

Current exhibition and sale including works by Maria Pryymachenko, Yuriy Gorbachev, Lyudmila Bruyevich
490-6037, 10.00-17.00, excl. Su

Ukrainian Portrait of the XVI-XVIII Centuries

National Art Museum
(6 Hrushevskoho)
Biggest in Ukrainian history collection from 25 museums including Peter I, Ekaterina II, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Ivan Mazepa
Till 4 September
228-7454, 10.00-18.00, Fr 10.00-19.00

L'Art Pour L'Art

CCA (2 Scovorody)
Posters by German 'Mendell & Oberer' design bureau
Opening 21 May
Till 19 June
238-2446, 13.00-18.00 excl. Mo

French Female Painting

French Cultural Centre
(104 Horkoho)
Painting by Sandrine Hattata and Nadia Benbouta
Till 30 June
269-7287, Mo-Fr 9.00-21.00, Sa 10.00-17.00

Thangka Buddhist Painting

Khanenko Museum
(15-17 Tereshenkivska)
Painting by Mykola Dudko (Buryatia)
Till 15 June
235-0206, 10.30-17.00, excl. Mo, Tu

All the Fuss of Life Passes By

Grifon (6 Kostyolna)
Painting by Olga Akasi
Till 12 June
270-7084, 10.00-18.00, excl. Su

Painting by Oleksandr Gnilitsky

L-Art (2B Andryivsky Uzviz)
Till 16 June
425-0320, 11.00-20.00, excl. Mo

Painting by Georgiy Zaychenko

A-House (7/6 Striletska)
Till 17 June
209-7829, 10.00-18.00, excl. Su

Painting by Vasiliy Kikinyov

Artists House (1-5 Artema)
Till 19 June
272-0535, 11.00-19.00, excl. Tu


Dim Mykoly (13 Sichnevoho Povstannya)
Painting by Sergiy Shamatrin
Till 20 June
280-7558, 12.00-18.00, excl. Sa, Su

When People Used to Be Flowers

Ya Design (50/38 Volosska)
Painting by Sergiy Kaidak
Till 16 June
467-5290, 11.00-18.00, excl. Sa, Su

XX Century Works From Museum's Collection

National Art Museum
(6 Hrushevskoho)
Till 28 August
228-7454, 10.00-18.00, Fr 10.00-19.00

From the gallery collection

(10A Andryivsky Uzviz)
Ceramics and pottery by Ukrainian artists
425-4093, 11.00-19.00 daily


Atelier Karas
(22A Andriyivsky Uzviz)
Painting by Oleksandr Roytburd
Opening 2 June
Till 21 June
238-6531, 11.00-18.00 daily

Bestuzheva Studio

(134 Chervonoarmiyska)
Current exhibition and sale of paintings, sculpture and photos
261-1561, 10.00-19.00, Sa 11.00-16.00, excl. Su

Rediscovered World

Ra (32 Khemelnitskoho)
Painting by Piotr Jargusz (Poland)
Opening 10 June
Till 24 June
235-3619, 11.00-19.00 daily

Children's World with Adults' Eyes

Art Blues (34 Andriyvsky Uzviz)
Painting by Vladislav Shereshevsky, graphics by Victor Medvedev, puppets by Natalia Dolgannikova
Till 14 June
279-7388, 10.00-19.00, Su, Mo 10.00-18.00

Everyone has Got His Own Sky

Irena (35 Artema)
Painting by Victoria Zverkhanovska and Iryna Chervinska
Till 16 June
484-0011, 10.30-19.30 daily

Photo Portrait

Maysternya (1-5 Artema)
Photo by Leonid Levit
Till 17 June
272-0547, 10.00-18.00, excl. Tu

From Soviart Collection

Soviart (22A Andryivsky Uzviz)
Painting from the gallery collection
Till 20 June
425-2219, 10.00-19.00, excl. Mo

Ukrainian Hermitage

CCA (2 Scovorody)
Installation by 'REP' artists Mykyta Kadan, Ksenia Gnilitska, Olesya Khomenko and others
Till 19 June
238-2446, 13.00-18.00 excl. Mo

Classical music: Vladimir Horowitz Young Pianists Kiev Festival.

April 29, 2005

The festival is in its sixth year, giving accomplished young musicians a chance to prove themselves under the benevolent gaze of the legendary Kiev-born pianist - wherever he is right now. It's easily worth the paltry price of admission to see the kid who might turn into the next great Eastern European pianist.
Place: Kiev National Opera Theater (50 Volodymyrska str., tel. 279-1169). 6 p.m.
Admission: Hr 5 to Hr 25.

Classical music: Vahagn Stamboltsyan in Kiev.

April 05, 2005

The respected Georgian organist comes to the Kiev National House of Organ and Chamber Music to play Bach and the Armenian composers Komitas and Ekmalyan. The performance starts from 7:30 p.m. at Kiev National House of Organ and Chamber Music at 77 Chervonoarmiyska str., call 268-3186 for ticket information.

Ballet: Serge Lifar Int'l Dance Festival in Kiev.

April 02-03, 2005

This Kiev event dedicated to the Ukrainian -born dancer and choreographer who became a giant of modern French dance. The festival will take place at Kiev National Opera Theater during weekend of April 2-3. This year another internationally famous Ukrainian dancer Vladimir Malakhov is expected to take time off from his duties as director of the Berlin State Opera Ballet to participate. The show starts from 7 p.m. at Kiev National Opera Theater which locates at 50 Volodymyrska str., call 279-1169 for ticket information.

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