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To have your trip interesting, full of impressions and successful overall, is vital to know ahead not only must to see places listed in any guidebook but key events which take place during your trip, and schedule your program accordingly. We at Kreschatik Suites love our guests and even more love to see them happy with their stay. Our comprehensive Sightseeing and Tours programs can make you busy for entire your stay. Location of your apartment will be in the center of a vibrant Kiev life give you even more chances to get busy day and night. But knowing exactly what will be going on during your stay in Kiev will give you a chance to comprehend incomprehensive: fully enjoy wonderful city, cheerful people and rich cultural and entertainment life. At the following pages we try to gather announces about upcoming events for all interests. The goal is simple: your successful trip to Kiev. Please, check it and enjoy. As some events maybe overcrowded with fans we will be glad to assist you with tickets beforehand, write us which events you wish to attend and we will secure sits for you and your party.


The exhibition of Vrubel painting in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 16 - 28, 2006 / Kyiv (Kiev) Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv (Kiev)

The exhibition of Vrubel painting in Kyiv (Kiev) Museum of Russian Art will devote to 150-th anniversary of painter birth. On exhibition will present painting of early Kyiv (Kiev) period of Vrubel colloctions. “The girl against a background of Persian carpet” is the visit card not only of Vrubel collections but Kyiv (Kiev) Museum of Russian Art collections generally.

Super guitarist Steve Vai will perform in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 16, 2006 / National Technique University of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

Kyiv (Kiev) Salon of music instruments "Muztorg" will make a unique gift for Kyiv (Kiev) music-lovers. It is master class of guitarist Steve Vai for Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev). Visit program to Kyiv (Kiev) of famous musician include press-conference, autograph-session for Steve Vai Kyiv (Kiev) funs and master class. The Steve Vai performance will organize in the Centre of culture and art of National Technique University of Ukraine.

Super guitarist Steve Vai will perform in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 16, 2006 / National Technique University of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

Kyiv (Kiev) Salon of music instruments "Muztorg" will make a unique gift for Kyiv (Kiev) music-lovers. It is master class of guitarist Steve Vai for Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev). Visit program to Kyiv (Kiev) of famous musician include press-conference, autograph-session for Steve Vai Kyiv (Kiev) funs and master class. The Steve Vai performance will organize in the Centre of culture and art of National Technique University of Ukraine.

"History Anime" Festival to be held in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 23, 2006 - April 19, 2006 / Kyiv (Kiev)

Embassy of Japan organizes different culture events in Kyiv (Kiev) from time to time. In the framework of Japanese Embassy culture program will pass "History Anime" Festival in Kyiv (Kiev). The retrospective of independence short films of founder of anime Tedzuki Osamy will be presented at this Kyiv (Kiev) Fest. That’s way Kyiv (Kiev) audience will have a possible to enjoy by masterpieces of World classic.

Festival of Documental Cinema will have place in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 15-29, 2006 / Cinema "Zhovten" Kyiv (Kiev)

Festival of Documental Cinema "Round-the-World with Hip-hop" in Kyiv (Kiev) will devote for Hip-hop culture. Five documental films and many shorts will be present for Kyiv (Kiev) audience. Besides Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) have a chance to visit Photoexhibition of French photographers about French "graffiti".

V International Jazz Festival "Yednist`" (Union) will be organized in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 17-18, 2006 / Kyiv (Kiev) Academic Theatre of Operetta, Kyiv (Kiev)

International jazz Festival was found in Kyiv (Kiev) on March 2002 by support of Kyiv (Kiev) Government and the Department of protection of Kyiv (Kiev) heritage. The Fest organizer is Kyiv (Kiev) "Jazz Theatre". By traditionally the Fest will pass in Kyiv (Kiev) Academic Theatre of Operetta. Jazz Festival "Yednist`" is Festival of different jazz styles. Moreover Kyiv (Kiev) children groups take part in the Fest.

Ukrainian Fashion Week will pass in Kyiv (Kiev)

March 15-21, 2006 / Kyiv (Kiev)

Usual Fashion Week will be organized in Kyiv (Kiev) on March. Kyiv (Kiev) Fashion Week consists of Ukrainian pret-a-porte week "Fashion seasons" and International Fashion Festival "Kyiv (Kiev) podium". In the framework of Kyiv (Kiev) Fashion Week will present the collections of Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and Georgian designers. In addition, presentation of lead trade mark of Ukraine "Trade Mark Defile" will be important events of Kyiv (Kiev) Fashion Week.

Japan jazz-cocktail in Kyiv (Kiev)

February, 26, 2006 / International Centre of Culture and Art, Kyiv (Kiev)

Famous jazz pianist Keiko Matsui will give a concert in Kyiv (Kiev). Thereó is the third pianist's visit to Kyiv (Kiev). Kyiv (Kiev) audience overrates her mastery very mach. Listeners will get acquainted with musical compositions of two last albums of Keiko Matsui - Deep Blue and Wildflower on Kyiv (Êiev) concert. The concert light show will impress Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev).

Original exhibition about Yuliya Timoshenko and Victor Yuschenko in Kyiv (Kiev)

February 9-28, 2006 / Gallery "Atelye Karas", Kyiv (Kiev)

The exhibition of post-avant-garde artist Oleksandr Roytburd will open in Kyiv (Kiev) Gallery "Atelye Karas". Famous Kyiv (Kiev) painter created canvases in cycle "Tango". The works represent the same characters (Yuliya Timoshenko and Victor Yuschenko) and same subject (they are dancing tango). Kyiv (Kiev) painter considers his art in style soc-art is actually now.

The French Cinema Fest "Mainstream" will hold in Kyiv (Kiev)

February 23 - March 08, 2006 / Cinema "Ultramaryn", Kyiv (Kiev)

Kyiv (Kiev) connoisseurs of Europe cinema will have unique possibility to see the best of French cinema 2005. The name of Kyiv (Kiev) Fest "Mainstream" isn't accidental, because the festival films are the best not in France but in the World. Fest program creates by professionals in French cinema and tastes of Kyiv (Kiev) audience. Commencement meeting of Fest "Mainstream" will hold in the most modern Kyiv cinema "Ultramaryn" on February 23.

Uriah Heep will perform in Kyiv (Kiev)

February 24, 2006 / International Centre of Art and Culture, Kyiv (Kiev)

Legendary rock-group Uriah Heep will perform to Kyiv (Kiev). The group will come to Kyiv (Kiev) in consisting of Mik Box, Ly Kerslake, Trevor Bolder, Fil Lenzon and Berny Shoy. Kyiv (Kiev) audience overrates and loves the classics of world rock-music. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a possible to enjoy by creative music of famous musician.

Elegant jazz in fashion style will present in Kyiv (Kiev)

February 12, 2006 / National music academy of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

The first concert of "International jazz subscription" of the season 2006 will hold in the Big Hall of conservatory in Kyiv (Kiev). Program zest will performance of American jazz vocalist T-Bone. Besides Kyiv (Kiev) audience will enjoy by performance of founder of own quartet Arkady Ovrutsky. T-Bone will be staying in Kyiv (Kiev) during some days. He will gives two concerts in fashion Kyiv (Kiev) restaurants "Swing" (February 10) and "Person" (February 11)

Music for Kyiv (Kiev) romantics

February 3, 2006 / Art-cafe "Baboon", Kyiv (Kiev)

Style Kyiv (Kiev) Art-cafe "Baboon" will organize the concert of group Acoustic Swing Band. The repertoire basis of jazz quartet makes compositions of romantic swing. The musicians will perform for Kyivities auditorium the compositions On the Sunny Side of the Street, Lover, Come Back to Me, Night and Day, Undecided, Insensitive, Shadow of Your Smile and others. The start of concert is on 19.00. Admission free.

French cinema will welcome to Kyiv (Kiev) in February

February 1-4, 2006 / Cinema "Ukraine", Kyiv (Kiev)

French culture centre in Kyiv (Kiev) will present "The Soirees of French Cinema". Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a possibility to plunge into the world of modern French cinema during four evenings. These films were created in 2004 but weren't presented for Kyiv (Kiev) audience. The four films will tell about the life of usual people - adult, children, and teenagers.

Classic music from Shostakovych in Kyiv (Kiev)

January 31, 2006 / Concert Hall of National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)

The concert "All symphonies of Dmytro Shostakovych" will hold in National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kyiv (Kiev). The concert will devote for 100-th anniversary of composer birth. Kyiv (Kiev) connoisseurs of classic will listen to the best musical compositions not only Shestakovych but Mozart. The National symphonic orchestra of Ukraine will accompanied for performance of genial compositions.

Asian Art-Horror in Kyiv again

January 26-30, 2006 / Cinema "Zhovten", Kyiv (Kiev)

"Style Art-Horror" will welcome to Kyiv (Kiev) again. Kyiv (Kiev) organizers of alternative cinema "Arthousetraffic" will present cine-trilogy "Three Extremes". This trilogy consists of three short stories. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) have a wonderful chance to see this picture and get pleasure from it. As usual film will perform in the oldest Kyiv (Kiev) cinema - "Zhovten".

Christmas Holidays in Kyiv (Kiev) come to the end

January 19, 2006 / Hydropark, Kyiv (Kiev)

By Orthodox calendar Christmas Holidays finish on Epiphany. By tradition on this Day people bless the water and bathe in natural water reservoirs. Thankful this bathing person receive strong health for all year. Kyivites like to do this tradition. The number of these Kyivites rises every year. Officially this devotion holds in Kyiv (Kiev) Hydropark. Usually the representatives of Kyiv (Kiev) government take part in it.

First Chocolate Fest will organize in Kyiv (Kiev)

January 20-22, 2006 / Ukrainsky Dim (Ukrainian House), Kyiv (Kiev)

Lately Kyiv (Kiev) becomes a place of organizing of different festivals. Many of these fests gratefully amaze Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) because of singularity and eccentricity. One of the same festivals "Chocolate Fest Korona" will hold in Ukrainsky Dim (Ukrainian House) in Kyiv (Kiev). The Festival program proposes different variety actions. One of the goals of this event will hold a record deserving Guinness World Records Book.

The Japan Culture Week will open in Kyiv (Kiev).

January 5-8, 2005 / "Kyiv-Mohylyanska Academy" University, Kyiv (Kiev)

The Japan Culture Week will open in the Library of "Kyiv-Mohylyanska Academy" University. The same events are organized in Kyiv (Kiev) periodically and Kyivites like them. This time Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a chance to know more about Japanese literature, to see art-performances and Japanese films, to taste Japanese national dishes.

International Youth Delphian Games will be organized in Kyiv (Kiev)

December 12-15, 2005 / Kyiv (Kiev)

The Third International Youth Delphian Games will pass in Kyiv (Kiev). This Game will give the possibility for young people welcome to Kyiv (Kiev) and demonstrate their talents. Young participant will compete in 12 nominations. The Games will pass in further of The Ministry of culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Ukrainian Delphian Committee and Kyiv (Kiev) administration.

Additional flights from Kyiv (Kiev) to Ìîscow!

November 2005 / Kyiv (Kiev)

The First Russian Private Air Company "Transaero" introduces for Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) new flight ÓÍ-212/211 Kyiv (Kiev) -Moscow- Kyiv (Kiev). Flights from Kyiv (Kiev) will be on Tuesday and on Sunday. Thankful new flights there are convenient joining to go to Saint Petersburg and Montreal via Moscow from Kyiv (Kiev). For detailed information please call "KIY ÀVIÀ" office Sales in Kyiv (Kiev) at +38 044 229-5259. You can also book and purchase your ticket on "KIY ÀVIÀ" services at website on "KIY ÀVIÀ" http://www.kiyavia.com

Cinema Fest "In struggle for the freedom" will start in Kyiv (Kiev)

December 10-16, 2005 / Dovzhenko Film Studio, Kyiv (Kiev)

December 10 is Human Rights Day. Many Kyiv (Kiev) events will devote to this Day. One of them is Cinema Festival "In struggle for the freedom". It will open on the Dovzhenko Film Studio in Kyiv (Kiev). Besides the films demonstration will pass in Kyiv (Kiev) Cinema House.

Festival of Tuscany wines from Fattoria di Felsina (December 5 - 15, 2005) will be organized in Kyiv (Kiev).

December 05 - 15, 2005 / Osteria Pantagruel, Kyiv (Kiev)]

New wine festival in Kyiv (Kiev) is dedicated to the famous Tuscan producer - Fattoria di Felsina. It will pass in one of the fashion Kyiv (Kiev) place Osteria Pantagruel. Here is the list of wines that will be served by the glass: white - I Sistri (100% Chardonnay); reds - two Chiantis (Classico and Classico Riserva Rancia) and two super-Tuscans: Fontalloro (100% Sangiovese) and Maestro Raro (100% Cabernet Sauvignon). Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) can find Osteria Pantagruel by the address 1, Lysenko Street (Golden Gates area) and make a visit from 11.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.

Famous director Emir Kustoritsa will be welcome by Gypsies in Kyiv (Kiev)

[December 1, 2005 / Airport "Boryspil", Kyiv (Kiev)]

World-famous director Emir Kustoritsa will arrive to Kyiv (Kiev) from London today. He together with Yugoslavian music group "The no smoking orchestra" will appear on stage of Palace "Ukraine" in Kyiv (Kiev). Kyiv (Kiev) organizers order Gypsies chorus for welcome of Emir Kustoritsa in Airport "Boryspil". "The no smoking orchestra" and Emir Kustoritsa will give concerts in three Ukrainian cities: Kyiv (Kiev), Odessa and Lviv.

Japanese avant-gardist Shimamoto Shozo will arrive to Kyiv (Kiev).

[November 30 - December 2, 2005 / Club "Ring", Club "Vertikal", Kyiv (Kiev)]

Founder of legend group "Gutay" Shimamoto Shozo will make some own performances in Kyiv (Kiev). On November 30 will open exhibition of Shimamoto Shozo and his progeny in Kyiv (Kiev) club "Ring". At the opening of exhibition will perform the works of japanese avant-gardist and Kyiv (Kiev) painter Gennadiya Gutgartsa. The exhibition will open for Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev)on December 1-2 from 12 till 18. Admission free.

Fest of Georgian music will pass in Kyiv (Kiev).

[December 9-11, 2005 / Concert Hall of National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev)]

Current year is Year of Georgia in Ukraine. That’s why there are many events devoted Georgian politic, economic, culture and sport in Kyiv (Kiev). In the framework of Year of Georgia in Ukraine will hold Festival of Georgian modern music “Live sound “Borgomi”. Three Georgian music groups recognized in the world will take floor in the Concert Hall of National Philharmonic of Ukraine. There are Nino Katamadze and Insight, Zumba and «33-À».

Fest of "New Georgian Cinema" will hold in Kyiv (Kiev).

[November 26-30, 2005 / Cinema "Zhovten", Kyiv (Kiev)]

In the oldest Kyiv (Kiev) cinema "Zhovten" will pass Festival of "New Georgian Cinema". Georgian cinemaschool is "terra ³ncogn³ta" for Ukrainians today. This Fest is good possibility for Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) to get acquainted with modern Georgian cinema.

Premiere of documental film about Ukrainian Revolution.

[November 27, 2005, 14:00 / Geologicalprospective Technical School Kyiv (Kiev)]

Between different Kyiv (Kiev) events devoted anniversary of Ukrainian Revolution will pass the demonstration of documental film "One Winter in Orange Color". Film director is Yosyp Pasternak. Premiere will show in Assembly Hall of Kyiv (Kiev) Geologicalprospective Technical School. After showing Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will have the discussion together with Yosyp Pasternak. Invitation cards you can order by the address batalin@mebius-kb.kiev.ua.
Address of Kyiv (Kiev) Geologicalprospective Technical School: 9, A. Barbusa (M "Respublikansky studion", "Palace Ukraina", "Pecherska").

Californian landscapes of former Kyivites.

[November 21, 2005 / Museum of Culture Heritage, Kyiv (Kiev)]

Exposition "Gift for Fatherland" will held in Museum of Culture Heritage in Kyiv (Kiev). It will devote to 125-th anniversary of Ukrainian community in USA. Here will present painters who had leaved Ukraine in Second World War. One of them is Vasyl Krychevsky. He had leaved Kyiv (Kiev) in 1943 and immigrated to USA. He belongs to Ukrainian intelligence. His father is an outstanding personality and artist of broad inspirations represents a whole epoch of development of the Ukrainian modern art of the first half of XX century. At the exposition will present "Californian landscape" of Krychevsky-sun.

Freedom Day will celebrate in Kyiv (Kiev).

[November 22, 2005 / Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv (Kiev)]

Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will celebrate anniversary of Orange Revolution. Many events connect with it will pass in Ukraine and especially in Kyiv (Kiev). Representatives of Ukrainian power will appear at the meeting on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Georgian President Mikhail Saakhashvili will join to them. He will arrive to Kyiv (Kiev) to congratulate Ukrainian nation. Besides group of Ukrainian painters create memory devoted Orange Revolution. It will establish on the Hill Poskotynci not far from the Andriivsky Uzviz in Kyiv (Kiev). Cinema demonstration about revolution themes will be in "Ukrainian House" in Kyiv (Kiev).

Exhibitions "Money EXPO 2005" and "Franchising 2005" will take place in Kyiv (Kiev).

[November 10-13, 2005 / "KyivExpoPlaza", Kyiv (Kiev)]

The Second Specify Exhibition of Finance Services for Population "Money EXPO 2005" will held in the biggest exhibition center of Ukraine "KyivExpoPlaza". At one time will held the first International Specify Exhibition "Franchising 2005". It slogan is "Buy the business!". Kyiv (Kiev) public organizations, which further for business undertakings, will be on the Exhibition.

Munich electronic musicians will appear in Kyiv (Kiev).

[November 12, 2005 / Club "Supper Club Orangerea"]

Famous Germany electronic project Munk will performs in Kyiv (Kiev). Munk consist of two DJ - Italian Mattias Modyka and Germany Yonas Imbery. Mattias and Yonas will bring to Kyiv (Kiev) new album "Aperitivo". Kyivites and the guest of Kyiv (Kiev) will appreciate this work. Theó concert will hold in the cool Kyiv (Kiev) place "Supper Club Orangerea". Club`s address: 4, Baseyna, "Arena-Centre". Concert starts at 23.00.

Unique jazz concert in Kyiv (Kiev).

[07.11.2005 / Bar "Persona" (Person), Kyiv (Kiev)]

Kyiv (Kiev) music epicures will have a rare possibility to enjoy. Two famous jazz stars will visit Kyiv (Kiev) on November. Nino Katamadze - "gold" Georgia voice - doesn't need presentation for Kyiv (Kiev) audience. She will sing with one of unusual world jazzmen - Cameroonian Richard Bona in Kyiv (Kiev) bar "Persona" (Person). Bar`s address: 3, Vorovskogo, tel. 569-10-16

Danish film won in International Kyiv Fest "Molodist".

[October 30, 2005]

Danish director Yakob Tuzen won Grand Prix of the International Kyiv Fest "Molodist". Fest closing was held at the "Ukraine" National Palace. Kyiv actor Larysa Kadochnykova received special prize for important contribution to Ukrainian cinema art. The President's wife Mrs Kateryna Yushcenko announced contest for the best film script about history of Ukraine. The 35-th International Cinema Fest "Molodist" had passed in Kyiv (Kiev) on October from 22 till 30.

Demonstration of rare Soviet films will be in Kyivo (Kievo)-Mogylyanska Academia.

[October 24, 2005]

In cinema club of National University Kyivo (Kievo)-Mogylyanska Academia will start film projection "On That Side of Social Reaizm" This film projection will go
in the framework of Kyiv (Kiev) Fest "Molodist - 2005". Retrospective program includes rare Soviet films of the end of 20-, 30-years.. Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) will see the films which weren’t blend with social realism canons and were forbidden.

Cinema "Kyiv" ("Kiev") will show "The Festival of Festivals".

[October 22-30, 2005]

October 22-30 Molodist Kyiv (Kiev) International cinema festival will be held in Kyiv (Kiev). In the framework of Molodist the "Kyiv" ("Kiev") cinema will host one of the out-of-competition festival programs - The Festival of Festivals screenings of famous directors. The audience will have opportunity to watch at "Kyiv" ("Kiev") following movies: Manderlay (Lars Fon Tryer), See inside (Al. Amenabar), Fight at the sky (Karlos Reygadas) and others.

Pacco Raban brings own pictures to Kyiv (Kiev).

[October, 2005]

World famous designer Pacco Raban arrives to Kyiv (Kiev). He brings his own pictures to Kyiv (Kiev). Thirty five works which have never leaved France will stay in Kyiv (Kiev) two weeks. Famous designer Pacco Raban arrives to Kyiv (Kiev) to take part in Kyiv (Kiev) fashion-show and demonstrates some models from his collection. After Kyiv (Kiev) visit Pacco Raban will go on a world tour.

Georgian will show for Ukrainian "Gold Cinema". Kyiv (Kiev), Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnopropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv and Vinnitsa.

[October, 2005]

Showing of "The Golden Series of Georgian cinema" will start in Kyiv (Kiev) in the framework of Georgian year in Ukraine. For Ukrainian viewer will presented the best Georgian cinematographic works in the 7 cities of Ukraine. "The Golden series of Georgian cinema" will start on October 12 in Kyiv (Kiev) Cinema "Ultramaryn".
Address: 1, Urytskogo, Metro station "Vokzalna" (red line).

Dance-project Planet Funk in Kyiv (Kiev).

[08.10.2005, 19:00 / Maidan Nezelezhnosti]

Popular Italian dance project will take part at Maidan Nezelezhnosti in Kyiv (Kiev) on October 8. The dance project consists of four participants: Sergio Della Monika, Alex Neri, Domeniko Gi Kanu and Marko Baroni. They play house, funk. Euro-dance, cyber-dance and all other what they like. Music Italian industry marks off them work three times. Hope Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) will fun this concert.

The Festival of the Korean cinema will pass in Kyiv (Kiev).


From 5-th till 9-th October within the framework of Days of the Korean cinema in Kyiv (Kiev) will pass Festival of the Korean cinema. Organizers of festival are Embassy of Republic Korea in Ukraine together with cinema "Zhovten". During the five days Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) can see the best tapes of the Korean cinema, among which: "Day", "Make it" and others.

The concert of hard-rock legend will be in Kyiv (Kiev)


Ronnie James DIO will give the concert in Kyiv (Kiev) on September 28. Before this performance in Kyiv (Kiev) he has concert tour at the Ukrainian cities. His program involves the hits of world rock - of groups Rainbow, Black Sabbath and DIO. Ukrainian funs can see the group in new complement.

Bryan Adams in Kyiv (Kiev)

[25.09.2005, 19:00 / Maidan Nezelezhnosti]

Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) will have a wonderful chance to see the performance of worldstar Bryan Adams. The singer will give open-air concert in the Kyiv (Kiev) centre. Bryan Adams will visit Ukraine after European tour Room Service. This concert program will be present at the central Kyiv (Kiev) square.

Race for Life in Kyiv (Kiev).

[18.09.2005, 11:00 / Maidan Nezalezhnosti]

For the fifth year The UN have arranged a "Race for Life" in Kyiv (Kiev) to race awareness of the dangers of the HIV virus. Leaflets providing information on the dangers of HIV and advice on how to stay safe will be distributed in the centre of Kyiv while Klichko brothers and some Ukrainian showbiz stars Ruslana, Ani Lorak and Mariya Burmaka will address the crowd. This year a record 7,000 are expected to run.

Old-timers Show.

[03-04.09.2005 / Kyiv (Kiev) Olympic Stadium]

4th Antique Automobiles Festival will take place during first September weekend on Kyiv (Kiev) Olympic Stadium. The festival besides numbers of rarities shown will include old-timers parade through Kyiv (Kiev) Central streets, popular musician performances and entertainment programs. Main audience: wildest audience of weekend makers, old cars admirers, or just walk-in Kyivites (Kievites) or Kyiv (Kiev) guests. This show is perfect as a family event. Admittance: free
How to get there: metro Republic Stadium (Kyiv (Kiev) metro blue line). 15 minutes walk from Khreschatyk following Velyka Vasilkivska (former Krasnoarmeyskaya) street. If you go by car be warned of limited parking spaces near the site and road works at Velyka Vasylkivska.

Kiev Limousine Show.

[04.09.2005 / Sport Complex Chaika, Kyiv (Kiev)]

Limo show will take place at Kyiv (Kiev) famous outdoor events site - Kyiv (Kiev) Sport Complex Chaika. Come to see attributes of everyday life of Hollywood celebrities and tycoons. Oldtime limos and odd limos made out of Soviet Ladas will make exhibition interesting and exciting for all.
Main audience: wildest audience of weekend makers, automotive funs, and outdoor fun lovers. Perfect as a family event. Admittance: free
How to get there: metro Svyatoshino-Academmictechko-Zhytomyrska (Kyiv (Kiev) metro red line), then taxi bus or taxi to the site.

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