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Roman Viktuk is in Kyiv (Kiev) again.

October 10-14, 2005

Famous producer Roman Viktuk, Ukrainian by birth, presents new festival program "Roman with Kyiv (Kiev)" in October in Kyiv (Kiev). Kyivites and the guests of Kyiv (Kiev) can see 5 performances. By Roman Viktuks admission, these performances are some declaration of love for Kyiv (Kiev).
Roman Viktuk is the famous theatrical master, experimenter, scandalous director, whose performances the public impatiently waits for. Each of his premieres is followed by rough discussions and debates.

"Crechynsky wedding" will open on the 11-th Theater season of "Dakh" Modern Art Center in Kyiv (Kiev).

September 02, 2005.

Dakh" Modern Art Center in Kyiv (Kiev) will open theater season by place "Crechynsky wedding". Place describe about one day of successful and defeat of genius cheat. "Dakh" Modern Art Center in Kyiv (Kiev) is the first and the only non profitable theatre in Ukraine, which was founded in 1994 by Vladislav Troitskiy.
Theater address: Kyiv (Kiev), Velyka Vasylkivska str., 136 (Lybidska metro station), tel\fax: (044) 569-4062.

"Madame, We go to Acapulco' by 'OK' Theatre Troupe.

June 16-17 / Kiev Russian Drama Theatre.

A love story which warms the heart and has a happy ending, 'Madame, We go to Acapulco' is also a razor-sharp satire on modern marriage and romantic entanglements. One day a bored housewife receives a phone call from a stranger inviting her on a dream trip to sunny Acapulco. Does she accept the offer? Well, we're not going to give anything away but rest assured that this life affirming production starring Olga Ostroumova and Alexander Filipenko is a true theatrical treat. Tickets are 100 - 350 hrn. For more information call 234-4223. Play starts at 19.00.

'The Meeting' performance by the Lithuanian Drama Theatre.

June 13-14 / Ivan Franko Kiev Theatre.

This production from the acclaimed 'Lithuanian Drama Theatre' is a thought-provoking work for all those interested in the commercial art versus true art debate. In the 'The Meeting', playwright Paul Braz brings together the great German composers Handel and Bach for a hypothetical conversation in the year 1750. The two musical giants are played by Donatas Banionis and Regimantas Adomaitis, who manage to convey the tensions and admiration between the two characters wonderfully. For more information call 279-5921.

LOCAL THEATER: The Kyiv Players do Chekhov.

May 15, 2005

The Kyiv Players - a group of ex-pats from various parts of the English-speaking world have gotten together in Kiev to prepare a spring production. Their first performance will be three short Chekhov vaudevilles: "The Evils of Tobacco," "The Proposal" and "Swan Song."
New Theater on Pechersk (3 Shovkovychna, entrance in the courtyard) at 3 p.m.
For more information, please call The Kyiv Players at 425-2417 (cell 8 050 2984104)

The Wolves And...

Sunday 3 April at 18.00

[U], Comedy by O.Ostrovskiy
Lypki Theatre ()Information tel.: 253-6219

Sweet Liar, Comedy by B. Shaw, D. Kiltey

Sunday 3 April at 19.00 / L. Ukrainka Theatre

Information tel.: 234-4223

The Mysteries Of the Royal Palace

Sunday 3 April at 12.00 / Drama and Comedy Theatre

Information tel.: 517-8980

Too Married Taxi Driver, Comedy by R Cooney

Sunday 3 April at 13.00 / L. Ukrainka Theatre

Information tel.: 234-4223

JULIA@ROMEO.com ("Norway.Today"), Play by I.Bauershima

Sunday 3 April at 13.00 / L. Ukrainka Theatre

Information tel.: 234-4223

To Seduce But Not To Fall In Love, E. Radzinskiy

Sunday 3 April at 19.00 / Drama and Comedy Theatre

Information tel.: 517-8980

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